Little Neon Series

Little Neon Series

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Make your creativity pop with 2 - 50 gms cans of non-toxic Dough Clay compound in 4 wild neon colors. Dough Clay Set for children provides great fun when you are modelling figures. They can create fun objects, be it their favorite animal or bird or any imaginative product. They could also mix colors to come up with more shades. Made from natural foods but is not edible. The airtight containers keep the Dough compound nice and squishy to use again and again. It comes in a foil sealed cup, you will be the first one to touch it ! *in case of getting dry, you may soften it by adding few drops of water.

Brand: Play-Toys

Country of Origin: Turkey

Colors: Any 4 colors

1 Set includes 4 x 50gms of dough in a plastic can with a mould on its cap