Magnetic Stencil Board - 12pcs Set

Magnetic Stencil Board - 12pcs Set

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Wooden Puzzle "Templates - Shapes" from the Viga company is one of the leading toys that will not only serve as traditional templates, but will allow the child to practice manual skills and shape recognition. The set includes cards that will inspire you to create interesting images using the templates. Draw a shape and complete the picture as instructed. The set includes 12 templates in a handy bag. The child can draw shapes from the puzzle. You can create pictures based on the hints from the cards. Play develops the ability to think logically, helps to train memory, concentration and manual skills.

Brand: Viga

Material: Wooden

Country of Origin: China

Recommended Age Group: 3y+

Set of 12 pcs

Single pc: 14.5 x 11 x 0.6 cms